The Story of Black Widows Ultimate

Black Widows is the first elite multi-national Asian women's ultimate team. They advocate diversity through visibility.


Started in Boon Rockstar 2016, Black Widows easily bagged their first championship and what was meant to be a one-time pickup team is now a solid foundation for Asian Women athletes to play in the most prestigious tournaments, such as US OPEN in Minneapolis where they finished 11th and won the Team Spirit Award. The Widows also did a US Tour coming into US Open and played savage in their exhibition games against Chicago Nemesis, Madison Heist, & Minneapolis Pop Ultimate. Last year, they also ran a campaign to TORNEO ETERNA PRIMAVERA in Colombia where they finished 6th.

Sisterhood, Humility, Intensity, Trust are the core values the Widows uphold and we wish to break barriers of race, religion and culture through bringing these women together, working on the same team culture. The very essence of Black Widows is giving a face of what Asian Ultimate means - evolving, inclusive, unique and generous. For some parts of the world where people think women still do not have a voice or rather inferior, the Black Widows show through Ultimate that women are effective leaders, movers, changers, and an inspiration. A huge part of our goals are not limited to winning rather giving back. We are proud that in only 3 years we have held over 40 clinics worldwide, over 1000 students of different race, age and culture.
We fulfilled our dream to play in the most competitive stage any one of us have ever been.