Black Lives Matter.

Sisterhood. Humility. Intimacy. Intensity. Trust. 

Our Commitment

Dear Asia ultimate community - We love you.

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Anti-blackness is a global problem. Which means it is an Asia problem. We can both feel pain from systemic racism and benefit from it. But anti-black racism - that literally kills people around the world. Let’s say it again, anti-blackness is an Asia problem. 


We are a group of sisters rooted in celebrating our Asian-ness on and off the field, but we cannot celebrate without recognizing the shoulders that we stand on and the same shoulders we’ve complicitly pushed down. 


We stand on the shoulders of the Black US soldiers who stood with Filipinos fighting for independence against the US army from 1899-1902. We stand on the shoulders of Black community organizers who organized and uplifted displaced Vietnamese communities in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Asians around the world benefit DIRECTLY from the resistance and work of Blacks around the world. 


Yet we are complicit. During the murder of George Floyd in the US, one of cops on the sideline letting it happen was Asian. Last month in China, Guangzhou enacted “no Blacks allowed” in response to false rumors about the origins of COVID-19. In Malaysia, more than half of the 118 foreigners who died in Malaysian immigration detention centers across 2 years were Rohingya refugees. In all Asian cultures, we continue to use colorist slurs and discriminate against darker folks, rooted in anti-blackness, colorism, and xenophobia.


As Asians, we cannot be selective and selfish about our anti-racism. We cannot be rightfully upset about the COVID-racism against East Asians but be silent about the police murdering black trans, queer, children, teens, joggers, homeless, EMTs & more for decades (George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Nina Pop, Tony McDad to name a few). Black lives matter, and we are committed to rebuilding Black and Asian solidarity. 


BW promotes SHIIT (Sisterhood Humility Intensity Intimacy Trust) values. For 2020 we want to center Humility. We are humbled by the Black advocates across the world who have been doing this work for years, and we must acknowledge that the Widows are complicit in upholding global anti-blackness and systemic racism. We also represent numerous countries/heritages that intersect with these issues in various ways. So:


***Over the next month or so, Black Widow members will share their personal reflections (with humility), why they support #BLM, and a Black-led resource, voice, creation, or organization.***


We ask you to join us in considering how you are complicit, to reflect with humility, and what you are going to do about it. We have to face up to it, because it is nothing like the daily oppression these groups have experienced. We also know this is not enough. Beyond reflection, we want to sow seeds for long-term commitments for action. This doesn’t happen overnight & we want to push back on having an action-plan figured out right now. Instead we’re committed to sharing updates on actions over time, so we are held accountable beyond just this moment. 


For starters and in addition to above, we will:

  • Continue to use our Instragram to amplify Black voices

  • Critically reflect and learn about our history as Asians in resistance movements.

  • Distribute wealth by donating to black-led, racial justice organizations calling for radical change (follow-up posts will feature some of these orgs!)

  • Take care of our and our sisters' mental health to avoid burn-out. This is so important, don’t let the frantic energy of this moment overshadow the need to take care of yourself!




With gratitude and love,

Black Widows